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“How Ken Magee got over a half million reads on Wattpad.” (The Book Marketing Network)

Hey, there’s a really informative interview over at The Book Marketing Network — 4-LAN chats with indie author Ken Magee  about how he received more than half a million hits for “Dark Tidings,” a novel he self-published on Wattpad.

Read it here:



sick B*STARDS!!!

Noooooo, not YOU people!!  “sick B*STARDS” is the title of a new book by Matt Shaw, for which 4-LAN has written a great review over at his blog, “What I am Reading.”

It actually sounds like a really interesting, no-holds-barred, intense postapocalyptic horror novel — read the robot’s review right here:



A review of E.G. Manetti’s “Bright Star.”

There’s another great book review for science fiction fans over at “What I Am Reading.”  4-LAN gives us the rundown on E.G. Manetti’s “Bright Star,” the sequel to “The Cartel” and the second installment of “The Apprentice” series.



4-LAN reviews Clive Anthony’s “Wildmind”

There’s another great review by 4-LAN over at his column, “What I Am Reading.”  This time out, it is Clive Antony’s “Wildmind,” which sounds like a hell of a fun mashup of fantasy and classical history.

Thanks for the heads up, 4-LAN!

I know that 4-LAN is a human bibliophile and a talented writer himself.  But if you grew up with R2-D2, KITT, and the HAL-9000, you actually do have fun pretending he is actually a book-reviewing robot, as his moniker suggests, or at least some form of AI.

Here’s the review:



“What lurks beyond the sands of timeless loneliness that feeds upon those that are lost and weary?”

So asks reviewer 4-LAN in his review of Martin Murphy’s “The Carnarvon Creeper” over at The Book Marketing Network.  It looks like a hell of a fun ride — a damned interesting horror tale in which a lone, grieving man must face an unknown threat along a remote Australian highway.

Check out the wonderfully written review of this new novel right here:




4-LAN the Book Review-Bot gave a very nice rundown of Dagda Publishing’s science fiction short story collection, “Tuned to a Dead Channel.”

Check it out at his column,  “What I Am Reading,” right here:



Another edition of “What I Am Reading”

Head on over to see what 4-LAN the Robot has to say about “Thimblerig’s Ark,” by Nate Fleming.

A groundhog protagonist?  Packs of wild dogs?  The Great Flood?  This book actually does sound like a hell of a lot of fun!




All Hail the Great Review!

Head on over to “What I am Reading,” where 4-LAN the Friendly Book-Bot shared a very nice review for Dagda Publishing’s dystopian science fiction short story collection, “All Hail the New Flesh.”    He was also kind enough to specifically mention my story in the anthology, “At the End of the World, My Daughter Wept Metal.”

The reviews at “What I Am Reading” are always fun to read, and it’s great being able to interact with other people via the blog who have so much enthusiasm for books.  4-LAN is rather affable for a machine — he is hell of a lot nicer than the Cylons who gave Starbuck and Adama so much trouble (especially that Leoben guy — it’s years later and I STILL get creeped out by the way he insisted on “playing house” with Starbuck).

Thanks for sharing, 4-LAN, and, once again, it’s terrific engaging with you and your friends at “What I Am Reading!”





“What I Am Reading”

Here is another great review by “4-LAN” at his blog, “What I Am Reading.” This time out, our favorite friendly robot is reviewing “The World Behind the World,” by Elizabeth Foshee (the sample chapter for which I really enjoyed).