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Publication notice: Dead Snakes features “A Muted Iris” and “Amanda II: A Haiku”

I’m honored to report that two more of my poems were published today by Dead Snakes.  They are “A Muted Iris” and “Amanda II: A Haiku.”  You can find them here:


“A Muted Iris” was first published by Dagda Publishing in October 2014; the haiku was most recently published last year by Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine.  (It follows “Amanda,” which was featured by both Dead Snakes and Peeking Cat.)

Thanks once again to Editor Stephen Jarrell Williams at Dead Snakes!



Photo credit: By Kylir Horton from Eagle Mountain, Utah, United States (Backbone) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons.

Publication Notice: Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine to feature two of my poems in its Christmas issue.

I am quite happy today to discover from Poetry Editor Samantha Rose that my poetry will be featured again in Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine.  Two of my pieces will appear in the upcoming Christmas issue (Issue 9): “Amanda” and “Amanda II, A Haiku.”  (The former was originally featured by both Dagda Publishing and Dead Snakes in 2014.)

I really am honored to look forward to seeing my work published alongside that of so many talented writers who contribute to Peeking Cat.  I’ll share a link upon publication of Issue 9, which will be for sale both in hard copy and pdf. format.



Photo credit: “Young kitten” by That Guy, From That Show! – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.


“Within, the wealthy lament/ The traffic at the Whitestone Bridge.”

Here’s a particularly nice shot of the Whitestone Bridge, connecting Queens, New York, with the Bronx (and Connecticut beyond).  My Longwood High School Alumnus James Dentel shot this recently, and he was kind enough to let me use it.

This is the bridge referenced in my poem, “Amanda,” which was featured by Dagda Publishing and by Dead Snakes.

I used live not far from here.  Yes, New York can be a rough place, but Whitestone, Queens and adjacent Beechurst were two of the greatest neighborhoods I ever inhabited.



“Magic potion,” sent by mail.

This arrived yesterday from my Connecticut Muse — a “magic potion” for  a writer’s productivity.

People close to me know I can be a bit skeptical where paranormal claims are concerned, but I can vouch for this, at least.

It’s some damned fine “dark” sorcery, and tasty too.  Thanks, Amanda.  🙂