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The Piker Press publishes “An Altogether Different Slumber”

I am so happy today to see The Piker Press publish my short poem, “An Altogether Different Slumber.”  You can read it online right here.

Thanks, as always, to Managing Editor Sand Pilarski for allowing me to share my voice through this wonderful literary magazine!

The Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine July 2017 Issue is here.

The July 2017 Issue of Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine arrived today; I’m honored to see a poem of mine appear again in this great indie lit publication.  My poem is entitled “An Altogether Different Slumber” and is on page 13.

You can purchase a paperback copy of the July Issue for just $3.24 (plus shipping) right here at Lulu.com.  Or, you can just download a free PDF copy here.

Thank you, Editor Samantha Rose!




Publication Notice: Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine

Hey, I got some really nice news this morning.  Editor Samantha Rose at Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine told me that she will feature my recent poem, “An Altogether Different Slumber,” in the July issue.

I’m always grateful to see my work appear beside Peeking Cat’s many talented contributors from all over the world.  Thanks, Sam!




“An Altogether Different Slumber,” by Eric Robert Nolan

An Altogether Different Slumber

I dream in ones and zeros,
in an ease of dormancy,
within the midnight dim.

Language confounds me at dawn –
I wake with ideology,
convictions trailing my lips, trailing
from my mouth’s corner
like a line of blood on the sheets.

The window’s dialectic light
falls across concepts.
In a non-nocturnal, notion-laden, altogether
different slumber,
all the stinging abstract
words are nightmares.

(c) Eric Robert Nolan 2017



Photo credit: By User:Dschwen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons