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Throwback Thursday: the 1972 Plymouth Duster

I had one.  Did you?

No … I was not driving in 1972.  I was given the car by a kindly aunt when I was a senior at Longwood High School in 1989.  It had an 8-cylinder V8 engine instead of the less powerful Slant-6, and it kicked ass.  I loved that V8 engine far more than I loved the “V8” vegetable “drink,” which I once drank on a dare in high school and threw up all over the street in front of my house.  Really flooring that Duster on Sunrise Highway (on a weekday night, when there was no beach country weekend traffic) was an experience I’ll never forget.

Only weird guys named their cars, despite what Holllywood tells us; those that did gave them the names of girls.  But I was a really, REALLY weird guy, so I named mine “Bucephalus,” after the war horse of Alexander the Great.

I loved being able to drive my friends Keith Nagel, Carrie Harbach, Ahmad Butt and Julianne Whitehead to school.  They rather appreciated it too, I think.  But if they were sitting in the back seat, they had to remember to be careful where they put their feet.

You see, a car manufactured in 1972 actually was already a bit old by the time 1989 rolled around, and my mighty war horse had a rust problem.  It existed primarily in the car’s floor.  Portions were eaten away entirely, making my Bucephalus a hell of a lot like the Flintstones’ car.  You could watch Route 25 and Longwood Road just speed and blur along beneath you if you rode with me.  It was fun!  Or not, I dunno — I was in the driver’s seat where the floor was intact.



What on earth was my COSTUME supposed to be?!

Burn victim?  Zombie?  Guy at the zoo at whom the monkeys accurately threw their feces?!

Anyway, this is me, circa … 1989 or so, at a Halloween party at Carrie Schor’s house (then Carrie Harbach) in Lake Panamoka, New York.  Carrie always did throw the funnest parties at her house.

I lament this picture a bit because, as a child, I had a veritable FLAIR for Halloween costumes — you should have seen my incredible homemade Ghostbusters costume in 1985.  It was the toast of Lake Panamoka.

But the makeup job depicted above just speaks of minimal effort.

The young lady pictured is Julianne Whitehead, another Longwood High School Alum, a great old friend, and one of the coolest girls I have ever been privileged to know.

Thanks for the photo, Carrie!!


“A lot of sports happened.”

Found on VectorBelly.com and Imgur.com.

This reminds me of my news reporter days at the Culpeper Star-Exponent, when I would endlessly kid the sports staff about their beats.

Of course, I was just being an obnoxious twerp.  My more experienced colleagues, David Utnik and Michael Hicks, were tremendously capable journalists who handled people and information with skills that I hadn’t learned yet.

But … to someone who is NOT a sports fan … this IS rather what sports interviews sound like!

Thanks to my great friend Carrie Schor for passing this along.  🙂


This is why I will always be smitten with Bobbi Anderson …

… from Stephen King’s “The Tommyknockers.”

Anyway, regarding her physical appearance, PLEASE, Carrie Schor, stop telling me that I am remembering King’s text wrong!!

She is tall, lanky, and buxom, with wholesome features and deepening red hair.  AND SHE’S LOVELY.