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Hi, gang! My book will be released by Dagda Publishing tomorrow, and there is a slight change of plans concerning the availability of the paperback version. While the electronic version (for Kindle) will be available via Amazon right away, the paperback will initially be available at Createspace.com. After a day or two, the paperback version will then be available at Amazon.

So if you would like to order a hard copy over the next couple of days, would you kindly do a keyword search for “Eric Robert Nolan” or the book’s title at Createspace here?


Dennis Villelmi — a death’s head in green light

Finally! A convenient way to stay current on the outstanding work produced by poet Dennis Villelmi. This site went immediately into my “favorites” and my WordPress “reader.”

Thanks, Dennis, for the stimulating poetry and for your enviable talent!!


“The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More” — News and Updates

Dagda Publishing consistently does a wonderful job supporting its writers.  Here, for the convenience of interested readers, is an update on “The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More” and its release on November 19th. The page below has links to the book’s Goodreads giveaway, the free first chapter via Smashwords.com, and more.

Thank you, Dagda!




I’ve confirmed with Dagda Publishing that my upcoming novel will indeed begin a series of books. It will be the first volume in “The Wolf War Saga,” a rather nice title that Dagda’s Editor In Chief, Reg Davey, suggested.

I am always grateful for the wonderful opportunities afforded me by Dagda Publishing, and am honored to work with the team there.

Help Dagda Publishing Support New and Emerging Writers!

Help Dagda Publishing support new and emerging writers; support its new crowdfunding campaign.

From Dagda: [We’re a new small, independent, publishing house based in Nottingham in the UK. We started as a poetry blog in 2012, publishing close to 280 poems since we started, and recently we expanded into a publishing house with the help of some generous contributors through our previous crowdfunding campaign. This year we have published 4 anthologies of poetry, 2 collections of poetry by new writers, and a collection of short fiction. Also, soon, we have our first novels by new writers coming out.

Our ethos from the start of this adventure in publishing has always been that we will help nurture new writing talent by actively seeking it out, and giving a chance to writers who may otherwise find it difficult to get their work off the ground and into the public eye.

In an industry where new writers are feeling increasingly isolated from major publishers, and self-publishing is not for every writer, we feel that there has to be a middle ground wherein new writers who want to choose traditional publishing as an outlet for their artistic vision can do so, without having to expend more time and energy (or money) than they can spare. That’s where we, and other independent publishers come in.

Our passion for literature is in everything we do. We think that there are some undiscovered gems out there in the desert of literature, and we’re determined to find and nurture it. However, passion isn’t enough, we also need to have the funds to do more for our writers. This is where you come in.]



Read the First Chapter of “The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More” for FREE!

Dagda Publishing today released “Chorus,” the first chapter of “The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More,” for free download via Smashwords.

I originally wrote “Chorus” as a standalone milieu-type horror/science fiction story, which was later developed into the full novel that Dagda will release worldwide on November 19th. So it is quite easily enjoyed on its own, in addition to introducing the fictional world of The War Between The Species.

So if you’re in the mood for some frightening post-apocalyptic fun, head on over to Smashwords at the link below and read it for free!


Goodreads Pre-release Page Attracts Positive Response for “The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More.”

The Goodreads pre-release page for my upcoming horror/science fiction novel, “The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More,” is getting a nice response — 245 people have entered to win a free copy, while a large number of Goodreads members have marked it as “to read.”

Again, if you are a Goodreads member in the United States, Canada or Britain, you can enter to win a copy for free. There is no cost to enter the contest. (And there is no cost to sign up to join Goodreads.)

“The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More” will be released worldwide by Dagda Publishing on November 19th.



Dagda Publishing Releases Cover Artwork for “The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More.”

Dagda Publishing has released the cover artwork for my soon-to-be-released science fiction novel, “The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More.”  Dagda’s artist, AD Warr, did a fantastic job, both with the quality of the art itself and also with the concept — integrating the image of a wolf with an overlay of a city map.  This is just great work, and I’m grateful for the talent and effort that obviously produced it.

[Click to enlarge.]