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I’m learning how to doctor photos. Nothing can possibly go wrong.

So I learned how to use simple photo filters.  I needed to make a few photos back and white last week in response the that seven-day challenge that went viral on Facebook.  The results below are mostly modest, but I think those last two shots are not altogether bad.

The first photo, of course, is Grendel Pumpkin.  (“With Orion’s Sword the Pumpkin arose …)  Grendel Pumpkin is still going strong.  It’s December 2nd, and there isn’t even a hint of rot.  And it’s indoors.

That’s the power of Grendel, I guess.


20171030_200819 (2)

20161231_120326 (2)

20170821_134930 (2)

20171125_183009 (2)

20170831_183124 (3)

20161227_073750 (2)