Publication notice: Haikuniverse features “Our Drive Home”

I got some more nice news today — Haikuniverse featured my micro-poem, “Our Drive Home.”  Haikuniverse is a project of the Poetry Super Highway, and daily publishes either a haiku or a micro-poem.  (Readers can sign up for an e-mail from Haikuniverse each day.)

Thanks so much to Editor Rick Lupert for allowing me to share my very brief poem.

You can find it below:

“Our Drive Home,” by Eric Robert Nolan

I almost typed “a short haiku,” but I figure that would be a redundancy.

The good folks over at Dead Snakes were kind enough yesterday to feature a haiku I penned.  Click the link for “Sideburns Haiku” by Ye Olde Nolan:

“Sideburns Haiku,” by Eric Robert Nolan

Anyway, every time I think of the word “sideburns,” I think of the Tony Travis song of the same name, performed in 1953’s “The Beatniks.”  Only Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans will know what I am talking about.



Photo credit: “John Raphael Smith by Francis Chantrey (with thanks to the V&A for allowing photography)” by Jonathan Cardy – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,