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A Bridge Too Far …

Shown below is the pedestrian bridge over Route 1 in Fredericksburg, Virginia, linking Mary Washington College’s main campus with … a student apartment complex now?  There are those of us who remember when Giant Supermarket occupied that space, along with a huge crafts store that was popular with the girls, and a Domino’s Pizza managed by none other than my great old friend and alumnus, Sanjeev Malhotra.

You know what makes a guy feel old?  Seeing photos of his alma mater and noting the bridge and buildings that he cannot recognize because they have been erected in his absence.  Thank you, Janet Walbroehl Winston and Russell Morgan, for adding to my insecurities by sharing these pictures.

The second photo down is of Virginia Hall, which housed Freshmen women when I attended school.   I and my friend Jeff once went Christmas caroling there … in April.  “Milwaukee’s Best” beer was a contributing factor in our holiday spirit, which was lively and well intentioned, if not timely.  If that cheap beverage was truly Milwaukee’s best, I shudder to think of what the city’s worst might have tasted like.  Hell, even its average might have been poison.

The third photo down is of Trinkle Hall.  It is here where I took Philosophy 101 with Dr. Cynthia M. Grund, an immeasurably talented educator who often employed science fiction films and books as a starting point for discussing philosophical concepts.  I first read Philip K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep” under Dr. Grund’s guidance, and watched and first gained a genuine understanding of Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner.”  The class was pure fun, enhanced by a wonderfully creative educational approach — it was one of my favorites.

Dammit … now I am hungry for Domino’s Pizza.



The bridge over Route 1.



Virginia Hall.



Trinkle Hall.



Ball Hall.



Chandler Hall with Virginia Hall at right?