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Cover to “Weird Tales,” W. H. Silvey, May 1954

“Song in the Thicket” by Manly Banister.  Cover art by W. H. Silvey.

Yes, “Manly Banister” is indeed the author’s name.  He appears to have had several, so it’s a good bet this was a nom de plume.  (For comparison, his other names include “Gregg Powers” and, curiously, “Val Seanne.”)

Google him.  He … actually published a hell of a lot between 1942 and 1980.



“December” appears at Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine

The May 2016 issue of Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine was released today; my poem, “December,” appears on page 19.

If you would like to purchase a paperback copy of the magazine, please click here:


If you would like to download a free pdf copy of the May issue, please click here:



Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine Issue 14 - May 2016