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Throwback Thursday: this 1986 commercial for “Sorry!”

I have some great memories of sipping ice pops and playing “Sorry!” with my best friend on his back patio after a long summer day.  (I believe it was licensed by Parker Brothers in the 1980’s, and not Hasbro.)  Not once did anyone ever chime in and say “sorry” during gameplay.  Because that would have been weird and stupid.


Throwback Thursday: the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” board game!

Parker Brothers released this game in 1982.  It was a hell of a lot more fun than it looks.  The kid next door and I wore this thing out on my front porch.

I just wish I could find a better picture of it.

It would be both ironic and meta if my cache of 1980’s Indiana Jones merchandise was someday uncovered by a future archeologist.