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A petition to save Netflix’ “Daredevil?”

I CAN’T SEE why I wouldn’t sign something like that.

That was terrible.  If this were the Marvel Cinematic Universe, people would actually ask Thanos to ash me.

Anyway, the petition over at Change.org has 48,840 signatures as of this writing, and it’s climbing quickly toward its target goal of 50,000.  It’s even been endorsed by Vincent D’Onofrio, who portrays “Kingpin” on the program.

I swear that it takes all of three seconds to sign.  And what could it hurt?  It worked for Fox’ “Firefly,” right?  (Although it didn’t work for NBC’s “Hannibal.”)

You can find it right here.



Who ya gonna call?

It is a simple matter to call your United States Congresspeople and ask them to compel the President to resign.

Calling 202-224-3121 will give you the Capitol switchboard, and providing your zip code will direct you to your representatives in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.

You can also find Free Speech for People’s petition to impeach the president here.  As of this writing, it has just shy of 1.4 million signatures.




Petition: Stop the Rape of Two Sisters in India (Amnesty International)

This petition literally takes less than a minute to complete.

From Amnesty International: “An unelected, all-male village council has ordered 23-year-old Meenakshi Kumari and her 15-year-old sister to be raped and paraded naked as punishment for their brother’s elopement with a married woman from a dominant caste. Meenakshi has since filed a petition to India’s Supreme Court seeking protection for her family but she and her sister are still at urgent risk.

“Please act now to ensure the safety of Meenakshi and her family as well as a swift, full and impartial investigation into the horrific rape order made by the village council.”

Click here:

Online petition