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Winedrunk Sidewalk publishes “Remember, remember the Fifth of November (2020)”

More good news today — Winedrunk Sidewalk: Shipwrecked in Trumpland published another short satirical poem of mine.  The title of the piece is “Remember, Remember the Fifth of November (2020).”  (It is an obvious riff on the classic 17th century English poem about Guy Fawkes.)

You can find the piece right here.  Thanks, as always, to Editor John Grochalski for allowing me to share my voice via Winedrunk Sidewalk!

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,/ Americans voting a lot!

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
Americans voting a lot!
The president’s lying, corruption and treason
has not been forgot!

The Donald, The Donald, ’twas his intent
to topple elected government.
He rallied a mob of gun-toting hayseeds
to bolster his own autocracy.

But good people braved the long voting lines
and remembered to mail their ballots on time.
Most of the voters were not confused
by InfoWars, O.A.N. or Fox News.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are closing in!
Holler boys, holler girls, let the bells ring!

— Eric Robert Nolan 🙂