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Richard Wagner meets Hans Anderson Brendekilde.

I’m linking here to a video posted by Youtube user Richard Brittain — it’s a nice rendition of the overture of Richard Wagner’s “Tannhauser,” paired with Hans Anderson’s Brendekilde’s circa-1880 painting, “A Woodland Landscape.”

The music and the painting are perfect for each other.  Wagner always evokes a mood; I’ve enjoyed it as “writing music” since I was a kid.  And that painting can be immersive — especially when you maximize it on your computer screen.

If you’re anything like me, it’ll make you want to find out where that path down there leads.


I never Mehta Mehta didn’t like.

Someone on Twitter asked for soundtrack suggestions for writing a space opera; this is what I just sent her.  It’s the prelude for Richard Wagner’s “Tristan und Isolde” (of course), with Zubin Mehta conducting the National Theatre Munich.

I’ve run this piece of music on the blog before, but not this version, which I think is far better.


Throwback Thursday: The Allman Brothers Band

Rest in peace, Gregg Allman.

I first got acquainted with music of The Allman Brothers Band as a first-semester freshman at Mary Washington College in 1990.  My cultural illiteracy as an 18-year-old was embarrassing — especially where music was concerned.  I’d arrived at the small, fairly conservative Virginia state school listening to … well, very little other than what I’d heard on the MTV countdown.  (I started loving Richard Wagner as a high school senior — but that niche interest was rare for someone my age, so far as I was aware.)  It was an ongoing issue when I was a college freshman that upperclassmen would roll their eyes or even occasionally hiss when I told them what music I was into.

Alumnus Steve Miller and his friends were the exception.  They showed me far more patience at their parties in “The Tunnel” between Mason and Randolph Halls — they exposed me to tons of The Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, The Steve Miller Band, and The Beatles.  (No, the irony of a guy named Steve Miller coincidentally loving The Steve Miller Band was not lost on us.)  Steve and his friends were each, in varying degrees, an amalgam of Obi-Wan and a far mellower version one of the guys from “Animal House” (1978).

The Allman Brothers were really my first extended exposure to Southern rock.  (And, hey, you can’t get much more Southern than a band made up of guys named Berry Oakley or Butch Trucks.)  I listened to them whenever there was a party at Steve’s, even after he started hosting his soirees out of his apartment on Sunken Road. Everyone there loved The Allman Brothers.  I think “Ramblin’ Man” was probably the group’s favorite.

Today, “Midnight Rider” is by far and away my favorite Allman Brothers song.  Curiously enough, though, for the life of me, I do not remember hearing that one in college.  I actually started jamming to it after I heard Rob Zombie include it in the score for the opening montage of “The Devil’s Rejects” horror film in 2005.

Anyway … “The Tunnel” at “Mary Washington College” has apparently now been remodeled into the above-ground “The Link” at “The University of Mary Washington.”

Well la-dee-DA.