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The Mary Washington College Bullet is now archived and online!!!

In fact … ALL of the college publications are — including The Aubade and The Battlefield.  The keyword-searchable collection goes all the way back to 1912!


Here’s the link:


And check out the article I wrote for The Bullet about Junior Ring Week in March 1994.  Featured are the pranktastic hi-jinks of Nickolai Butkevich, Travis Clements, Mark Knezevich, Rhett Carlson, Lowell Whitney, Tom Mitchell, and more.



An old friend and a great short horror film. THEY WILL COME FOR YOU!!!

I was cleaning out some old bookmarks tonight when I happened across this link — it’s a trippy-cool short horror film, and it includes an appearance by my great old friend and Mary Washington College alumnus, Travis Clements.

It title is “They Will Come for You,” and it was featured in the 2008 Virginia Film Festival.  It delivers a darn good dose of creepiness for a film that is less than five minutes long — I think Travis and his friends did a great job with it.

If you’re wondering, Travis is the tall drink of water in the back.  (I have always wanted to refer to someone as “a tall drink of water” after Red describes Andy that way in “The Shawshank Redemption,” and Travis is the tallest guy I know.)