The gardens at Dumbarton Oaks, Georgetown

I visited the gardens at Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown the other day — after a cruise down Wisconsin Avenue past a couple of old haunts I frequented in my 20’s with characters like Nickolai Butkevich and Rhett Carlson.

The gardens were beautiful, and a sharp fir smell greets entrants like a rarefied, ethereal, quiet host.  It reminded me of Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, another quiet place to which I’d like to return one day.

If you’re in the Washington area, and you’d like to see for yourself, check out Dumbarton Oaks’ website here:







The Mary Washington College Bullet is now archived and online!!!

In fact … ALL of the college publications are — including The Aubade and The Battlefield.  The keyword-searchable collection goes all the way back to 1912!


Here’s the link:;screensize=1366×643;source=all

And check out the article I wrote for The Bullet about Junior Ring Week in March 1994.  Featured are the pranktastic hi-jinks of Nickolai Butkevich, Travis Clements, Mark Knezevich, Rhett Carlson, Lowell Whitney, Tom Mitchell, and more.