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The Piker Press features “Turning 41”

Hey, gang! I’m honored today to see The Piker Press publish another poem of mine — “Turning 41.” I wrote this poem last year!! Thanks as always to Editor Sand Pilarski for allowing me to share my voice at this wonderful online lit mag.

“Turning 41,” by Eric Robert Nolan

[Update: okay … I wrote this poem many years ago, not last year, because 41 was a while back. Whatever.]

“Turning 41,” by Eric Robert Nolan

Turning Forty One

Forty one found me
In midday reminiscence –
Not at the bars in Fredericksburg
Where 21 arrived like a proud, aggressive fleet,
Setting sail against
Easily conquered oceans.
Accurate charts assured my hands,
My future lay
In neatly mapped seas,
Measured leagues in quadrants,
Latitudes, longitudes.
Distant shores seemed
Vulnerable to my every effort.
The water that night
Was a kind of golden bronze,
The cheap, sweet beer
Of the college junior.

Forty one arrives
Where compasses didn’t predict.
Octants are confounded and
Sextants equivocate.
All the almanacs agree
Only that we are at sea.

© Eric Robert Nolan 2013 

  —  originally printed in Dead Snakes, September 2, 2013