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That girl WAS Debbie Harry, right?

If everybody could stop Facebooking and blogging about “Videodrome” (1983), that’d be just fine.

I will never understand this movie.  It has been described as “postmodern,” and that is a word I cannot understand, despite looking it up and having friends explain it to me.  (Seriously.  And that somehow makes the intellectual emasculation I feel by “Videodrome” even worse.)

I still insist that this “classic” is unpleasant and incomprehensible.  The following is all that I can glean:

1)  There are televisions.  The televisions are bad.

2)  People join a cult or something.

3)  James Woods loses his everlovin’ MIND, and starts shouting … political tirades?  He … wants to start a revolution?  But whose side is he on?  IS HE FOR OR AGAINST THE TELEVISIONS?

4)  This movie makes VHS tapes more disturbing than, say … the “VHS” horror movies.

5)  Debbie Harry is in there somewhere.  Debbie, what’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?  Sing me “Rapture,” Debbie.

6)  That girl WAS Debbie Harry, right?