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Bee there or bee square.

There’s been some truly terrific new poetry published over at The Bees Are Dead; please stop by to enjoy a few dark or dystopian visions in verse.

The site is hosting both Paul Brookes’ “Telehaptic Love” and Wayne F. Burke’s “Bomber.”

You can also find what is a first for B.A.D. — Alastair Gambling’s “tone-poem,” entitled “A Certain Period.”  From the B.A.D. Facebook page: “Gambling is a musician/music teacher by trade and this composition is a feat of technical brilliance. Experimenting with minimalism, unconventional time-signatures and discordant harmonies, ‘A Certain Period’ builds-up gradually creating a wonderfully evocative soundscape of paranoia and timelessness with an appropriately sci-fi aesthetic – very dystopian!”



Photo: Taken from British Bee Journal & Bee-Keepers Adviser, 1873.  By Internet Archive Book Images [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons.

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Oscar Wilde wrote that “life imitates art.”  Well, let’s hope not.  Because the world is so insane lately that I’m worried that my beloved dystopian and post-apocalyptic literature will come to be regarded as just … y’know … literature.

Nevertheless, if you do enjoy dystopian prose, poetry and photography, then remember to stay current “The Bees Are Dead.”  You can do so quite easily by following B.A.D. on Twitter:


Stop in and enjoy some excellent poetry by Wayne F. Burke and Prerna Bakshi!