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On Chris Cuomo’s near-altercation today.

I like Chris Cuomo. I think he’s a good man and a good journalist.

And I feel awkward agreeing with anything uttered by that swollen orange cyst in the Oval Office. (It’s due to a Russian infection … an STD from when they f***ed with our electoral process.)

But Cuomo shouldn’t have physically threatened a man who called him a name.  (You can find video of his near-altercation today with a heckler right here.)  I have actually never heard the term “Fredo” employed as a slur against Italian Americans, and I’m from New York. But that’s really beside the point anyway — the severity of the insult isn’t the issue here.

To me, this is a straightforward free speech issue. The nature of the Trump supporter’s act of speech was nonviolent. Whether or not is was obnoxious doesn’t matter.

The threat Cuomo made against his detractor was explicit and credible. He threatened to “throw [him] down these stairs,” which were presumably nearby.

Suppose that I call Donald Trump “Benedict Donald” (the obvious play on “Benedict Arnold” that has been making the rounds on the Internet for a long time now). Or consider me calling him a “swollen orange cyst” above. Should Trump or one of his supporters have the right to threaten to “throw me down the stairs?”

I know it sucks, but those of us who oppose or criticize Trump need to hold ourselves to the same standards to which we subject the other side — that is, if we wish to consider ourselves free speech advocates. I’m just trying to be intellectually honest here. If we support free speech across the board, then we have to support all of it.

On a related note, I see that Sean Hannity defended Cuomo on Twitter, and said “he has zero to apologize for.” This strikes me as particularly gracious gesture on Hannity’s part — crossing the cultural divide to support another journalist. And here I am being a stick in the mud.

All of my admitted emotional biases are confused here.



Today is shaping up to be a great day!

First, a particularly kind Twitter user in Argentina informed me that she translated one of my flash-fiction stories into Spanish.  The title of the story is “I Bring Her Diamonds.  My Hands Are Full of Them.”  It originally appeared as a 100-word horror story in Microfiction Monday Magazine, and you can read it here.

Then, the talented Robert Hansen shared with me his printing proofs for some of the flash fiction he accepted for the Poems-for-All Project.  Poems-for-All crafts matchbook-sized miniature books for poetry and flash fiction, which can be easily distributed to family and friends, or just “scattered like seeds” in true guerrilla poetry fashion.  The flash fiction that Mr. Hansen selected include another 100-word horror story, “There in the Bags,” as well as my response to the online “Six-Word Science Story Challenge.”

The artwork that Mr. Hansen is downright terrific, and I can’t wait to share it with you after the miniature books are completed.  For more information about Poems-for-All and Mr. Hansen’s unique publishing project, please visit his website here.





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Oscar Wilde wrote that “life imitates art.”  Well, let’s hope not.  Because the world is so insane lately that I’m worried that my beloved dystopian and post-apocalyptic literature will come to be regarded as just … y’know … literature.

Nevertheless, if you do enjoy dystopian prose, poetry and photography, then remember to stay current “The Bees Are Dead.”  You can do so quite easily by following B.A.D. on Twitter:


Stop in and enjoy some excellent poetry by Wayne F. Burke and Prerna Bakshi!

I am a Twit. Follow me.

So I have a Twitter account now: https://twitter.com/ericrnolan1

I am giving up my Tumblr account, because I am pretty sure I am the only one on there.

So “Follow me!” as Johnny Rico so bravely shouted in “Starship Troopers.”   I remain your number one source for poetry, kitten pictures, monsters, dream imagery as deus ex machina, shameless self-promotion, end-of-the-world stories, links to free e-books, and Sarah Palin jokes.

“C’mon you apes!!  You want to live forever?!!”