“It was the best of times, it was … the best of times.”

In honor of the Mary Washington College Class of 1994 Reunion, which I am regrettably unable to attend, I am sharing this photo of a … slightly younger me.  As you can see (far left), I was sublimely well adjusted at the age of 20, despite the fact that apparently 40 percent of my body weight resulted from my ears and hair.

The happy gang pictured is actually The Tunnel Crowd — yes, they graduated before 94, but I currently don’t have any other MWC pics scanned in.  Pictured beside me, from left to right, are Chris Orange, Dave Whitaker, Steve Miller in his Lennontastic shades, Paul Dilick, and another affable young man whose name escapes me now.

And pictured here is actually a key educational moment, because this may have been the party where I was first really introduced to The Beatles’ “White Album.”

“You say you want a revolution?  Well, you know … we all want to change the world.”

Much love, guys.  Thanks for long ago friendships, and great memories that the decades have failed to fade.








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