A buddy of mine made the cake on the right for a Christmas party.  (At left was his Pinterest inspiration; it was supposed to be a tie-dyed yule log cake.)  He is actually a truly superb cook and baker, but here he finally created something that I can embarrass him with.

I opined that it looked like a rainbow submarine melted by nuclear radiation; others drew more … lewd comparisons.  Today I think it most resembles John Carpenter’s “The Thing” after devouring and assimilating the Smurf Village.  (And how’s that for a double 80’s reference?)

Look … I’m the first one to admit that I myself can’t find my way around a kitchen.  Just now, as I am writing this, I almost put “Sweet Onion (Sea Salt Blend)” on my sausage and eggs, because at first I thought it was regular salt.



2 thoughts on “#cakefail

  1. I would have to say something went terribly, horribly wrong with that recipe. 😮

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