Perhaps predictably, Obama has them apoplectic.

“Barack Obama your an Ass clown. Sit down and shut up!! You [expletive] traitor!!!” — seen on a Trump supporter’s wall.

I have four thoughts:

1) He may be an ass clown, but I’ll bet he knows the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

2) You can tell he’s a traitor because he uses full sentences. THAT’S THE CODE THAT THE LIBERAL INTELLECTUALS USE.

3) Snowflake.

4) Wouldn’t it be amazing if he could run against Trump in 2020 and defeat him?  (Yes, I realize the Constitution prohibits it.)  Imagine the mileage we could get out of the inevitable “Black is the new orange” joke.




One thought on “Perhaps predictably, Obama has them apoplectic.”

  1. As tragic as the Trump administration has been for the country, I’ve been getting some delicious schadenfreude from Obama driving Donald nuts with his speech. Deep inside, Trump knows very well which one of them is the better man, and he’s going crazy over it. And judging from the inarticulate outburst you quoted, his supporters are losing their minds over it as well….

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