Knights in Wight Satin …

Soooo many “Game of Thrones” puns that I want to post online, soooo many spoilers I need to beware of sharing.  What’s a nerd to do?

The generic puns are safe enough.  People seemed to enjoy my “I’m dreaming of a wight Christmas” tension-breaker when that storm started hitting during last night’s episode.  Or maybe they were just humoring me.  They do that a lot.

I’m waiting for someone to do that weird thing where they brag about having never seen an episode of the show.  I want to hit them with “Arya Stark raving mad?!”  Which I guess is kind of pointless, because they won’t understand the reference, but still.



2 thoughts on “Knights in Wight Satin …

  1. The ones who don’t get it will have Aegon their faces.

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