Knickknack paddy wack, give a box to Nolan.

So my super-cool best friend sent me a big box of knickknacks as an early Christmas present, and its contents easily double as inspirations or writing prompts.

What you see up front in the first two photos is petrified wood, an obsidian arrowhead (dragonglass for defeating white walkers!!) and selenite crystal.  The selenite will come in handy, as it promotes peace and calm — my 2022 New Year’s resolution is to chill the #@$% out before this world finally drives me to full on supervillainy.  (I started picking out a costume on Friday after doomscrolling Twitter.)

The pottery she made herself.  And the cigar box corral with its contestants is perfect for plotting out my planned western epic.  Dammit, I hope I’m not giving away too many plot points here.  (You’ve heard the expression, “Not my first rodeo?”  It WAS the center guy’s first rodeo.)



quill and cup


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