Multiple people in my life have informed me (with no small amount of gravity) that I need to learn how to cook.  So I am at least trying something new and super easy.

These are what I’ve heard referred to as “hobo eggs” — eggs fried right within a hole in the bread.  (You can add cheese as they cook.)  I only learned their name recently — a child character asks for them on incredibly underrated (and inscrutably named) horror show, “From” (2022).  (Seriously, this series will scare the hell out of you.)

Believe it or not, this simple dish goes back at least as far as colonial America.  I worked as a character interpreter/tour guide for The Rising Sun Tavern in Fredericksburg, Virginia, as a college student just about … 29 years ago.  (Sigh.)  And the recipe was in a “Colonial American Cookbook” that we sold in the gift shop.  (No, I have no idea why I remember the strange things that I do.)

But there it was named “toad-in-the-hole” — which was kind of an odd choice, if you wanted to make something sound appetizing.

IMG_20230401_131242012 - Copy

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