“Ooh, baby, baby, it’s a wild world.”

I got really excited the other night — I saw an immense, graceful heron glide over the Roanoke River to land beside a … beaver dam!!  Which had apparently always been there, but which had heretofore escaped my notice!  And there were beavers bobbing and swimming about!  (I’m guessing they are nocturnal?)

I tried to get pictures and video for the whole gang — but it was too dark.  The footage I shot was all shadow.

Then I made the mistake of excitedly posting the following on Facebook: “I just saw a beavers and a heron!”

The.  Jokes.  Will.  Not.  Stop.  (Sheesh, you people.)

This includes a lot of “heroin” comments.  I’m kinda surprised by the level of drug-related humor out there.

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