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Throwback Thursday: the 1972 Plymouth Duster

I had one.  Did you?

No … I was not driving in 1972.  I was given the car by a kindly aunt when I was a senior at Longwood High School in 1989.  It had an 8-cylinder V8 engine instead of the less powerful Slant-6, and it kicked ass.  I loved that V8 engine far more than I loved the “V8” vegetable “drink,” which I once drank on a dare in high school and threw up all over the street in front of my house.  Really flooring that Duster on Sunrise Highway (on a weekday night, when there was no beach country weekend traffic) was an experience I’ll never forget.

Only weird guys named their cars, despite what Holllywood tells us; those that did gave them the names of girls.  But I was a really, REALLY weird guy, so I named mine “Bucephalus,” after the war horse of Alexander the Great.

I loved being able to drive my friends Keith Nagel, Carrie Harbach, Ahmad Butt and Julianne Whitehead to school.  They rather appreciated it too, I think.  But if they were sitting in the back seat, they had to remember to be careful where they put their feet.

You see, a car manufactured in 1972 actually was already a bit old by the time 1989 rolled around, and my mighty war horse had a rust problem.  It existed primarily in the car’s floor.  Portions were eaten away entirely, making my Bucephalus a hell of a lot like the Flintstones’ car.  You could watch Route 25 and Longwood Road just speed and blur along beneath you if you rode with me.  It was fun!  Or not, I dunno — I was in the driver’s seat where the floor was intact.