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Zombies, time travel, small towns and scary sewers — check in with me at The WIP Blog Tour!

Hello, all!

I’m honored to be able to report tonight that I’ve been accorded a rather nice honor by my fellow novelist and poet, A.K. Hinchey – nomination for The WIP (Work In Progress) Blog Tour. Ms. Hinchey is a lovely voice and a friend from across the pond, hailing from Lancaster, Britain, where she is a prolific young writer and also the busy mother of a new baby girl. Her publications include short fiction in Dagda Publishing’s “All Hail The New Flesh,” as well as Dagda’s 2013 poetry collection, “Threads.” She has completed her first novel, “Incarnate,” and is hard at work on its sequel, “Bound.” She is also a terrific supporter of the independent publishing community, with in-depth reviews that introduce readers to new voices. To get a little better acquainted, check out Ms. Hinchey’s writing blog, “The Torn Page,” right here:


The WIP Blog Tour lets readers and writers catch up with one another. When nominated, indie authors can update the community about what they are working on, and share excerpts to whet their appetites. Authors are then asked to nominate a few of their peers. Read about it here:


I’m happy to say that I am still hard at work on my prose. While Dagda Publishing and Dead Snakes have been kind enough to share more of my poetry, my major works in progress include two books. The first, of course, is the sequel to my post-apocalyptic science fiction novel, “The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More,” published by Dagda. While “Dogs” was primarily a character study of Rebecca O’Conner and her role in the global war between humanity and super-intelligent wolves, I hope that this new book will change the series’ pace and tone, with more action and horror to turn this into a frightening war epic.

Another project that I am quite excited about is a collection of short fiction. I began this project after being encouraged by colleagues in the community, and let me tell you, it’s great fun. “Dogs” and its sequel gave me an opportunity to take a single fictional universe and explore it in depth. But working on short stories gives me plenty of new sandboxes in which to play.

What’s ahead? Well, some of the stories will be traditional horror tales, while others will be darker mainstream fiction. We’ll take a look at what happens when time travel goes disastrously wrong, and consigns one woman to a truly unique hell. We’ll join a pedophile and child pornographer on his thirsty hunt through New York’s Penn Station – then watch as his plans go delightfully, horribly awry. We’ll tremble alongside two members of the New York City Department of Pest Management, as they discover unexpected threats in the labyrinthine subways. We’ll visit an ostensibly idyllic Virginia town, where a supernatural danger segues sadly into a horror that is all too common in the real world. And, for good, old-fashioned, gorehound fun, we’ll take a detailed, blow-by-blow look at what happens when spirited average Joes defend a supermarket full of customers from a ravenous zombie swarm.

And more. If you’ve enjoyed my writing before or want to take your first journey with me, rest assured, I do hope to please you.

Well, The WIP Blog Tour invites participants to share three lines of their work in progress. I thought I’d share the first three lines from the above-mentioned time travel story. Its title is “Today, Tomorrow, the Next Day and Forever” (c) 2015 Eric Robert Nolan.

(And, what the heck, I’ll make it four lines.)

I am going insane. I have watched my husband burn to death at least 500 times.

It always begins the same. It begins with beauty.

(c)  2015 Eric Robert Nolan

I’d like to thank AK Hinchey for nominating me for The WIP Blog Tour! I’m always grateful for her attention, and this was a lot of fun! In the meantime, be sure to check in here for my own nominations for the tour. 🙂

Those generous Englishmen …

… they just can’t stop giving away e-books!  Dagda Publishing’s free fiction giveaway for Kindle users has been extended.

There are some great titles for the taking.  I’m a little on the fence about that hack New Yorker, because he’s starting to approach formula. (Seriously?!  ANOTHER prophetic dream sequence?!  That guy watched a lot of “Twin Peaks” in the 90’s, didn’t he?! And what’s with the wolf imagery again?  Was he bitten by one as a kid?!)

Still, there are some amazing stories being told by folks like Laura Enright, J.C. Collyer, Andrea Hinchey, Dennis Villelmi, Jamie Burnette, and many other talented creators.  Check out the offerings — because there are a lot of things to whet the appetite of any science fiction or horror fan.

From Dagda Publishing:

“Our free promotion has been so successful, that we have decided to extend it for a couple of days, so don’t worry if you think you missed out on picking up our fiction titles for free, you can still grab your copy until tomorrow! Follow the links below to download. We love you all.





The Ladies of Brit Lit

Do you enjoy writing and want to have some fun? Want to meet some ladies of literature?

Check out two great blogs by my friends and talented co-authors across the pond.

J.S. Collyer’s “The Path” http://jcollyer.wordpress.com/

and Andrea Hinchey’s “The Torn Page” http://akhinchey.wordpress.com/

More positive reviews for “All Hail the New Flesh.”

There were two positive reviews today for “All Hail the New Flesh.”

The first is by my co-author Andrea Hinchey, who penned the entry “Requiem.”  (Andrea was kind enough to give high marks for my own story, “At the End of the World, My Daughter Wept Metal.”)


The second is Amazon Reviewer Rowena Hoseason rating the sci-fi short story anthology at an 8 out of 10.