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Me. With my fly open. Go ahead and laugh.

This photograph is 25 years old, so I figure I’ll survive the ignominy of people seeing me (apparently) with my fly open.  (I actually am inclined to think that is just my shirt corner sticking up past my belt, but whatever.)

It’s partly water under the bridge anyway, as Mary Washington College alumna Anna Martin has already posted this on Facebook.  (Thanks, Pal.)  Anna is the pretty lass at right in the photo.  The camera used here actually had no flash — that’s Anna’s smile lighting up the place.

I’ve mentioned the 1990 MWC Theater Department’s production of Edgar Lee Masters’ “Spoon River Anthology” here at the blog before; Anna and I are in costume.  And this is after dark in the Amphiteater.  I am HOPING that my fly is zipped.  If it isn’t, then I am HOPING that this is not just after a performance.

The play was actually a student director project — our capable leader was a really cool African-American girl named Tonya.  I don’t remember Tonya’s last name.  She would have been a senior, I think, which would make her Class of 1991.  One of our co-stars was named John-Eric.  I believe he was Class of 1994, with Anna and me.  If any alums read this and know Tonya or John-Eric, please pass along this link and see if they remember.


Dang it, people are talking about “Watership Down” and now I want to go watch it again.


“Come back you fools!!  DOGS AREN’T DANGEROUS!!”

And it’s past midnight!!

I remember the film adaptation’s voiceover saying near the end that “General Woundwort’s body was never found.”  I’m not scared.  I have a certain rapport with the truly most terrifying fictional “rabbit” of all time, Donnie Darko’s “Frank.”  (He appears in my mirror from time to time.)  That tall prognosticating hare would PWN Woundwort and his entire Owsla.


Pictured:  BROMANCE.