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(What would the costume even look like?)

There is a mourning dove on the telephone wire out front just staring through my window at me.

This might mean I need to become a mourning dove-themed superhero a la Frank Miller’s “Batman: Year One.”

Figures I’d get the depressing #@&* instead of a falcon or an owl something.


Frank Miller makes an Edgar Allan Poe reference, I get it 22 years later.

So I’m quoting classic 80’s comic books to friends yesterday, because that is precisely what a healthy, well rounded 41-year-old does.

I googled a page-shot for Bruce Wayne’s iconic “Yes, Father,” pledge, and it FINALLY occurred to me that Frank Miller’s “Batman: Year One” contains a parallel to Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.”

The bat flies through the window and perches on Thomas Wayne’s bust; the raven flies through the window to perch on the “pallid bust of Pallas.”

If memory serves, I first read “Year One” in 1992.  And I just got that.