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Quick, Robin! To the Bat-Box!!

So I can return these Bat-Books to the Bat-Library!

I’m not real clear on why the drop box in front of the Roanoke Public Library has a bat symbol on it.  If I had to guess … it’s warning people about bats who might roost under its protruding slot at night?  That kinda makes sense.

Downtown Roanoke is no stranger to wildlife.  Just last night I saw a mid-sized raccoon scuttle up a tree right off Campbell Avenue — to the delight of a bunch of Labor Day weekend revelers returning from a bar.  They were filming its hasty ascent with their cellphones.  That raccoon got a lot of laughs.


Roanoke, VA, July 2021

Elmwood Park.

Elmwood park

Sorry about the shaky cam. And my cellphone camera is obviously not high quality.

Fountain beside Hampton Inn & Suite (facing Church Avenue).


Looking north up Market Street.

Market Street

The Roanoke Times.


A Banksyesque painting in front of Wok-ology on the corner of Campbell Avenue and Jefferson Street.