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(It’s a good thing her name isn’t “Lola.”)

— That awkward moment when you are texting a woman and you try to text “LOL you are too much” and it autocorrects to “Lola you ate too much.”

— That awkward moment when the clerk says “Whattya been up to, Big Daddy?” and you answer “Nothing much,” except she was talking to her boyfriend who walked in behind you.

Yeah, tonight’s a winner.  Maybe this is proof that Friday the 13th is actually a thing.



It’s Friday the Not Quite 13th!!

I wanted to run this “Friday the 13th” image on the last Friday the 13th, which was in November.  But that was the occasion of the terror attacks in Paris, and all of our sensibilities were devoted elsewhere.

I like it because it’s a poster for the legendary 1980 movie that I hadn’t seen before.  I actually got it from the Facebook page of actress and painter Adrienne King (pictured in her role as “Alice” below).  She’s incredibly cool and sweet, and she even wished me a happy birthday a while back!  I was also surprised to find out that she’s originally from Oyster Bay, Long Island.

Anyway, if you find her Facebook page, it’s a treasure trove for horror fans.