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Throwback Thursday: the original trailer for “Blade Runner” (1982)!

I sent this trailer to a pal of mine after he told me he couldn’t remember if he’d seen 1982’s “Blade Runner.”  (The poor, benighted soul!)  As you can see … the trailer is a bit crude by today’s standards.  It’s just a loose montage of key scenes in chronological order — with narration that is obviously performed by a store-brand knockoff of Harrison Ford.  (I am linking here to the Movieclips Classic Trailers Youtube channel, by the way.)

You can kind of tell how Warner Bros. wanted to market the film as a standard action-thriller, instead of the moody, stygian sci-fi meditation that it is.  And you can kind of understand why general audiences didn’t turn out for the movie while its cult following gained so much steam later.

That damned fine Super Bowl ad for “Westworld” Season 2

As if I weren’t eager enough for “Westworld’s” return on April 22, Sunday’s ad during the Super Bowl was high art.  That music you hear is Kanye West’s “Runaway,” given “Westworld’s” trademark piano treatment.

I actually don’t care much for the longer trailer that follows it, which I now know was released previously.  It feels disconnected, and that song is positively grating.


“And then it doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the iron throne.”

The “Game of Thrones” Season 7 trailer dropped … yesterday, I think. It looks to be a great season. Has there ever really been a bad season of this show? I’d name the first one as the least of them, and that was still pretty good.

If Arya dies, we riot.

If Sur Davos dies, we riot. (I’m never clear if it is “Sur” Davos or “Sir” Davos. Because I never read the books.)


I’m just slightly underwhelmed by “The X Files” reboot trailer.

It really just seems to show us everything we’ve seen before: ominous dialogue; dire, vague warnings from sources; and flashbacks to urgent looking 50’s-era soldiers and government workers.  All of those things taken together were sufficient to entertain for, oh, say … eight years or so.  But by the time we reached Season 9, the show really suffered from what seemed like endlessly recycled tropes and story arcs.

If the show does take new directions, as it needed to before it was cancelled, then it will need time to develop.  The January “miniseries” will only be six episodes to start with.  And I thought I read elsewhere that Chris Carter intends some of those to go to the popular “monster-of-the-week” eps that had nothing to do with the overarching mythology.

Nor do I think our main characters will be reunited with the Cigarette Smoking Man.  We do not see the face of (priceless) actor William B. Davis.  It’s only a hand, and it looks like a young man’s hand.  I’m betting we see him only in flashback.

See what you think from the trailer below.  (It’s in two parts.)

I know this is probably non sequitur, but if you love Davis’ work the way I do, then please check out his supporting role in the criminally underrated thriller, “The Tall Man” (2012).