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Monument to Mary Washington, Frederickburg, VA, circa 1912

So I found a historical photo that was too good not to share.  What you see here is the grave of Mary Washington, George Washington’s mother, in my college town of Fredericksburg, VA.

It ought to look a bit strange to my college friends who remember the site.  What is now known (officially, anyway) as Kenmore Park/Memorial Park was a popular walking destination for students at Mary Washington College.  (This is the site of “Mary’s Rock.”  And if you partied downtown and walked back to campus, chances are you walked past it.)  This site is just off Washington Avenue.  The Gordon Family Cemetery was behind the obelisk.  (The cemetery is pictured at left here — see the low wall — as this picture is looking northwest.)

Look at how small and sparse then trees were in 1912.  (They were pretty big by the 1990’s.)  This is part of a group of public domain images here at Project Gutenberg.  They vary in quality, but some of them are pretty neat.



Well, Sammy T’s in Fredericksburg is closing …

See yesterday’s article in The Free Lance-Star linked below.

I do believe that all of the major Mary Washington College hangouts in the mid-1990’s are now gone … Unless I am mistaken, Spanky’s, The Irish Brigade and Mother’s Pub have all long since closed … I think not long after the Class of 1994 graduated.  (Correct me if I’m wrong — PLEASE.  It would make me feel better.)

It … just isn’t the same Fredericksburg any more.

What about that country bar on Princess Anne Street?  The one that was supposedly so rough — but fine to take your date on those “okay” nights when they had square dancing?  Was it “The San Antonio Rose?”  Or was it called “The Yellow Rose of Texas,” after the song?  Something like that?


Angelo Badalamenti, Summer 1990

I’m relaxing with the “Twin Peaks” soundtrack this Sunday afternoon; it was a favorite for Kathleen Nolan.

Once upon a time, when she was preparing a quite difficult teenager in Lake-of-the Woods, VA, for college, it was one of the few things that we could agree on. (Another that year was Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion” on cassette tape.)

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“Twin Peaks” Soundtrack on Youtube