He DID say that Mexico would pay for the wall outright.

This article from the Washington Post shows a letter from the Trump Campaign to Robert Costa and Bob Woodward, dated 2016.  Click the link below and read the letter on its original letterhead.

Donald Trump indeed indicated that he expected Mexico “to make a one-time payment $5 to $10 billion” to pay for the wall.

(Seriously. He did say it.)



“What Donald Trump was up to while John McCain was a prisoner of war,” Washington Post, 7/20/15

“On Oct. 25, 1967, [John] McCain had destroyed two enemy MiG fighter planes parked on a runway outside Hanoi. He begged to go out the next day, too.  But as he flew into Hanoi again on Oct. 26, his jet’s warning lights began to flash.”

What Donald Trump was up to while John McCain was a prisoner of war

“Feminists at Mary Washington say they were threatened on Yik Yak,” Justin Jouvenal and T. Rees Shapiro, Washington Post


“Ebola New York.” Those are three words I’d never thought I’d have to google. :-(

This piece from the Washington Post is somewhat more reassuring than the headlines I’ve scanned at the supermarket.