The dessert you’ve GoT to try tonight.

I’m calling it the Iron Throne.  (I’ve been scheming like Littlefinger to make it perfect.)

The base is a Brownie-Fudge Swirl Klondike Bar, the back consists of stacked Swiss Cake Rolls.  What you see seated there is an official “Game of Thrones” Oreo.  Scattered about its base are Espresso M&M’s, because you’re going to be up late chatting online about the episode.

I actually lined up a couple of yellow Peanut Butter M&M’s to symbolize the heads of Lannisters, but the picture didn’t turn out.  Because leave it the Lannisters to screw up a good thing.


If the undead attack while you’re enjoying this, tell them to CHECK THEIR WIGHT PRIVILEGE.




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