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My recipe for Southern Fried Catfish!!!

  1.  Purchase pre-seasoned southern fried catfish at the grocery store.
  2.  Fry.
  3.  Serve.
  4.  Throw out that tartar sauce in your fridge.  There is no need sniff-test it.  You have never sniff-tested tartar sauce in your fridge and ever, ever found it viable.  Ketchup will work just fine, possibly.
  5. Smother your urgent existential dread into a brief and tenuous silence with a Klondike Bar for dessert.  Preferably Brownie Fudge Swirl.



The dessert you’ve GoT to try tonight.

I’m calling it the Iron Throne.  (I’ve been scheming like Littlefinger to make it perfect.)

The base is a Brownie-Fudge Swirl Klondike Bar, the back consists of stacked Swiss Cake Rolls.  What you see seated there is an official “Game of Thrones” Oreo.  Scattered about its base are Espresso M&M’s, because you’re going to be up late chatting online about the episode.

I actually lined up a couple of yellow Peanut Butter M&M’s to symbolize the heads of Lannisters, but the picture didn’t turn out.  Because leave it the Lannisters to screw up a good thing.


If the undead attack while you’re enjoying this, tell them to CHECK THEIR WIGHT PRIVILEGE.