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Eric Robert Nolan graduated from Mary Washington College in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He spent several years a news reporter and editorial writer for the Culpeper Star Exponent in Culpeper, Virginia. His work has also appeared on the front pages of numerous newspapers in Virginia, including The Free Lance – Star and The Daily Progress. Eric entered the field of philanthropy in 1996, as a grant writer for nonprofit healthcare organizations. Eric’s poetry has been featured by Dead Beats Literary Blog, Dagda Publishing, The International War Veterans’ Poetry Archive, and elsewhere. His poetry will also be published by Illumen Magazine in its Spring 2014 issue.

“The Siege of Fort Buzzard” draws positive feedback.

I awoke to a nice discovery today. A bunch of gracious folks over at the “Tales of the Zombie War” website left a lot of positive feedback for the story I had featured there, “The Siege of Fort Buzzard.”

As I said to someone just yesterday, horror fans can be a really kind and friendly community. 🙂

Correction re: 99 Cent Holiday Sale at Dagda Publishing.

Quick correction regarding Dagda Publishing’s 99 Cent holiday sale for Kindle versions of all its titles. Here in the United States, my book, “The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More,” will be available for 99 cents from December 23 through December 30.

In the United Kingdom, it will be available at the sale price from today until Christmas.

See Amazon for all of your holiday horror needs. 🙂


Witness the end of the world — for just 99 cents!


The Kindle version of my book, along with all of Dagda Publishing’s titles, will be available for 99 cents as part of the company’s holiday sale, from December 19th through Christmas. 🙂

From Dagda Publishing: [Onto the next piece of news, as we said last week in the Newsletter, we are running a Kindle sale over the next week and a half in the run up to Christmas, starting on the 19th of December. All our titles will be £0.99/$0.99 on and (we’d love it to be on more local sites, but Amazon only allow the sale to be on their US and UK sites). So, this really is the best time to pick up a cheap copy of our books for your kindle – you can find details of them and links to purchase on Amazon on our shop (]


The website “Tales of the Zombie War” has kindly featured my zombie story, “The Siege of Fort Buzzard.”

With this story, I just tried to take a break from the serious stuff, and write a fun zombie story with a lot of gore and a little dark humor. Enjoy! 🙂