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Publication Notice, Dead Snakes features “Spring and Summer” and “Lust”

Two short poems of mine were featured today by the wonderful poetry e-zine, Dead Snakes. The first is entitled “Spring and Summer” and the second is entitled “Lust.”

I am grateful to Editor Stephen Jarrell Williams for once again giving me an opportunity to share my writing. Thanks, Dead Snakes!

“Dead Beats: Cantos” to debut on July 15th

More from Dead Beats below. I’ll be reserving my copy of Cantos as soon as it’s available! 🙂

“We are releasing an e-book entitled ‘Dead Beats: Cantos’ on Monday 15th July. The book contains 24 of our favourite poems from our second year as an organisation, as well as an updated and unabridged copy of the Dead Beats Manifesto and a Contributors’ Foreword containing a compilation of quotes from our followers and fans. The e-book will go on sale for the very reasonable price of £3 (roughly around $4.50) and as always with our endeavors; any profits made will go back into ensuring the successful running of Dead Beats. If you’re interested, please do join our Book Launch Facebook event and share it with your friends: “

Publication Notice, Dead Beats Literary Blog to feature “Confession”

I was thrilled this morning to learn that Dead Beats Literary Blog will feature a recent poem of mine, “Confession,” in the coming weeks. This was a piece that I’d worked a bit hard on, and I’d like to think it was one of my better poems.

Dead Beats is a terrific group of young people that are unafraid to take risks with the poetry they feature. Because “Confession” expresses feelings of mine that are critical of organized religion, I suspect it would be too controversial or subversive for other publishers. I’m really grateful to Dead Beats for giving me a voice. Thanks Dead Beats!

I’ll post a link to the poem when it appears.

Publication Notice, IWVPA features “November, Blue Ridge Mountains, 1992”

The International War Veterans’ Poetry Archives was kind enough today to feature a poem I’d written during my college days, “November, Blue Ridge Mountains, 1992.” The piece is quite short, but it meant a great deal to me when I wrote it.

The IWVPA is a wonderful website that allows war veterans, their friends and supporters to share their creativity. I’m quite grateful to Anthony W. Pahl OAM for graciously allowing me to join the community there. Thanks, Tony!

Dennis Villelmi’s “A Low Gnosis”

Since I began sharing creative writing online about eight months ago, I’ve been lucky to gain the friendship of new and wonderful voices that have been a great inspiration for my own work. One such voice is Dennis Villelmi.

Dennis is unabashed creatively, and combines an encyclopedic knowledge of myth and folklore with a fearless examination of dark subject matter. I feel he sets a great example for me as an artist who is willing to take risks and express himself fully.

Dennis’ latest poem, “A Low Gnosis,” was published on July 4th by Dagda Publishing in the United Kingdom. (See the link below.) I highly recommend his strong and provocative work.

Publication Notice, Dead Snakes features “The Minotaur” (a Tribute to W.H. Auden)

The online poetry e-zine Dead Snakes has featured my poem, “The Minotaur.” I’m especially grateful to Stephen and the gang over at Dead Snakes because this piece was important to me — it’s a tribute to my favorite poet, W.H. Auden. I tried to emulate the allusion and internal rhyme scheme he sometimes employed.

Thanks, Dead Snakes!!

Publication Notice, Dead Snakes features “When I Meet the Devil” and “Lying Close”

Two new poems of mine were featured today on the wonderful online poetry magazine, Dead Snakes. The poems are a bit dark, and are entitled “When I Meet the Devil” and “Lying Close.”

Dead Snakes is always a great read, with poetry that is offbeat, dark and unconventional. I highly recommend it.

“Delaware Sheets” appears in Every Day Poets

My poem, “Delaware Sheets,” which I’d actually written back in my 20’s, got some very nice comments over at Every Day Poets.

Please read the poem and, if you like it, kindly click to give it a star rating? (The highest rated poems appear annually in anthology format.) And, as always, thanks for reading! 🙂