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The December 2017 issue of Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine just arrived.

If you fancy a few verses to get you through the winter’s first snow this weekend, then check out the December 2017 issue of Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine.  You can find my poem “Iphigenia’s Womb” there, along with some terrific poetry by a few great friends of mine — including Emily E. James’ “Psychochub” and R. J. Davey’s “An Appeal to the Craft.”

You can order a paperback copy of the magazine right from Lulu.com here, or download a free copy in PDF format right here.

Happy Holidays!



Publication Notice: Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine to feature “December”

I just got some very nice news — Samantha Rose over at Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine just told me that my poem, “December,” will be featured in the next issue.  “December” was first published by Dagda in 2013.

It’s always an honor to be included within a terrific creative community like Peeking Cat.  Thanks, Sam!