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Tis’ the season.

You know which one I mean.  Halloween 2018 is advancing on us like a creeping black cat.  I hope you guys are getting into the spirit.  I know a lot of you are already way ahead of me.

I know Emily E. James is.  She spends most of her time being a first-class editor (you can find her website right here), but she also finds time for her own unique brand of truly macabre handmade Halloween decorations.  As you can see, she is a sublimely talented woman (albeit one who is quite mad).

Emily has an Etsy store for her creations in the works.  I’ll post it here when it becomes available — lest the little infernal monsters find and haunt me.





Need a terrific editor?

Emily E. James is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever encountered. I could easily swap her out for one of my professors at Mary Washington College, and I had some damned good profs.

Her insights into language, communication and culture have taught me tremendously, even as I’ve interacted with her only informally. (Emily is a good friend of mine.) I can only imagine that contracting with her for editing services is a sound investment.




The December 2017 issue of Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine just arrived.

If you fancy a few verses to get you through the winter’s first snow this weekend, then check out the December 2017 issue of Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine.  You can find my poem “Iphigenia’s Womb” there, along with some terrific poetry by a few great friends of mine — including Emily E. James’ “Psychochub” and R. J. Davey’s “An Appeal to the Craft.”

You can order a paperback copy of the magazine right from Lulu.com here, or download a free copy in PDF format right here.

Happy Holidays!