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Tis’ the season.

You know which one I mean.  Halloween 2018 is advancing on us like a creeping black cat.  I hope you guys are getting into the spirit.  I know a lot of you are already way ahead of me.

I know Emily E. James is.  She spends most of her time being a first-class editor (you can find her website right here), but she also finds time for her own unique brand of truly macabre handmade Halloween decorations.  As you can see, she is a sublimely talented woman (albeit one who is quite mad).

Emily has an Etsy store for her creations in the works.  I’ll post it here when it becomes available — lest the little infernal monsters find and haunt me.





Eric Robert Nolan published in the Peeking Cat Anthology 2016

The Peeking Cat Anthology 2016 was released today!  It has no fewer than 40 poems, three short stories and six photos.  One of the poems is a micropoem of mine entitled “My mother’s apartment.”  (It’s the third one in the volume, on page 5.)

You can order this first ever of Peeking Cat’s anthologies in hardcover right here, and paperback right here.  If you’d prefer a Kindle version of the collection, you can purchase and download it here.

It is always wonderful to see my work appear in Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine, but being published in its first anthology is a real honor.  Thanks once again to Editor Sam Rose!




Publication notice: Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine will feature “Bumblebee”

I just got some nice news from Samantha Rose, Editor of Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine — a poem of mine entitled “Bumblebee” will appear in the August 2016 Issue.  This piece was originally published by Every Day Poets in 2013.

Thanks again, Peeking Cat!


Publication notice: Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine features “March Midnight Window”

I’m honored here to report that Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine has again elected to publish a poem of mine.  Today’s newly released April 2016 issue features “March Midnight Window” on page 17.

This piece originally appeared last year over at Dead Snakes.

I’d like to thank Editor Samantha Rose for this opportunity to see my work appear alongside that of so many talented people.

If you’d like to purchase a paperback copy of the April issue, you can do so over at Lulu.com:


Or, if you would like to download it in pdf format for free, just click here:


Have a great weekend, everyone!


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Publication notice: Dead Snakes features “Three Dreamers”

I’m honored to share here that Dead Snakes published “Three Dreamers” today.  This is a set of three related poems that was first featured by Dagda Publishing, in the United Kingdom, in January 2013 — the poems’ individual titles are “The Writer,” “The Secretary,” and “The Bureaucrat.”  Dagda subsequently featured these poems in print format in its 2013 poetry anthology, “Threads.”  Finally, these poems were published in 2014 by Illumen, a quarterly print-only poetry journal here in the United States.

Editor Stephen Jarrell Williams also kindly informed me the he would feature the poems on another site for which he serves as editor — UFO Gigolo.  This online publication focuses on poetry in the genres of fantasy, horror, and science fiction.  I’m new to the site, but it looks like great fun, perhaps especially for the sci-fi and horror fans with whom I’ve become acquainted here at my blog.

You can find “Three Dreamers” at Dead Snakes right here:

“Three Dreamers,” by Eric Robert Nolan



Photo credit: By IDS.photos from Tiverton, UK (Dark corridor Uploaded by russavia) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons.