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“The Writer” appears in Scars Publications’ Newest Anthology

I have an extra reason to be thankful this holiday — Scars Publications again selected a poem of mine to appear in its newest anthology. “The Writer,” which Scars published in the May 2020 edition of Down in the Dirt magazine, was included in the Inside the Box anthology that Scars released yesterday. (The anthology includes creative works selected from over the past year from both Down in the Dirt, and its sister publication, cc&d magazine.)

You can order Inside the Box right here over at Amazon.

I’m once again grateful to Editor Janet Kuypers for allowing me to contribute to an outstanding literary collection.



“The Writer” appears in Down in the Dirt magazine’s newest anthology!

I got a really nice surprise today — Down in the Dirt magazine has included a poem of mine in its latest poetry collection, entitled Outside the Box.  The poem is “The Writer,” and it was selected for the anthology following its appearance in Down in the Dirt’s May 2020 issue.

You can order Outside the Box right here over at Amazon.

Thank you, Editor Janet Kuypers, for allowing me to share my voice in this collection!



Poetry Pacific will publish “The Writer”

I got some great news today — Poetry Pacific will publish my poem “The Writer” in its next annual edition.  The poem will be published online in May 2021; I’ll post a link here when it appears.

Poetry Pacific is is “a literary e.zine committed to promoting and publishing the very ‘best’ contemporary poetry in English it can find.”  It really is a terrific place to peruse the latest in indie short poetry, as well as artwork from around the world.  I really encourage you to give the site a visit, and consider submitting your own creative work.

You can find it right here.


Screenshot (65)

I’m getting Down in the Dirt again.

I got some great news tonight — I’ll get to see my poetry featured in Scars Publications’ Down in the Dirt magazine for a third time.  My poem “The Writer” will appear in the May 2020 issue.

The poem will also appear this week at the Scars website.  (The publisher produces both Down in the Dirt and cc&d magazines.)  Finally, “The Writer” might also be featured in future Down in the Dirt collections; the magazine regularly reprints selected poems in anthology format.  (I was lucky enough last March to see my poem “hens staring upward” reprinted in The Flickering Light anthology following its initial publication.)

Thank you, Editor Janet Kuypers, for allowing me to join the range of talented voices that are regularly showcased by Down in the Dirt!




“The Writer” will appear at Every Writer!

I’m honored to share here that Every Writer has selected one of my poems, “The Writer,” for publication.  Editor Richard Edwards passed the news along to me this morning.  Every Writer is one of the oldest comprehensive resources for writers on the net, and I’m grateful to Mr. Edwards for allowing me to join the creative community there.

I’ll post a link here when the poem appears.



Publication notice: Poetrypoeticspleasure Ezine features “The Writer”

I am honored to share here tonight that a poem of mine was published by Poetrypoeticspleasure Ezine in India.  The poem selected was “The Writer,”  and it is featured in the October 2018 Issue, which was released today.  You can find it here at this link.

Poetrypoeticspleasure Ezine publishes English-language poetry from throughout the world, and features a variety of voices and perspectives.  I am grateful to Editor Rajnish Mishra for allowing mine to be included.

“The Writer” was first featured in 2013 by Dagda Publishing in the United Kingdom, and was included that same year in its print anthology, “Threads.”

I hope you all are enjoying the start of a terrific weekend!






Poet Jennifer S. will read my poem,”hens staring upward”

I received some nice news a little while ago — Jennifer S. will record my poem, “hens staring upward,” as part of her ongoing Youtube audio series.  As I’ve shared here at the blog before, Jenny is a poet herself who lends her voice talents to help other independent writers gain exposure.  (She was kind enough this past September to do a very skilled interpretation of my 2013 poem, “The Writer.”)  I recommend that you check out her wonderful audio series over at her Youtube channel.

“hens staring upward” was published previously by Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine and Dead Snakes in 2015.

“This Windy Morning,” by Eric Robert Nolan

“This Windy Morning, by Eric Robert Nolan

The gales cry,
their sounds rise,
so strangely like
the wailing of children.
The gales
have ripped a rift in purgatory.

Along the low hill’s haze
and indistinct palette of grays,
the thinning slate shapes
are either columns of rain,
or a quorum of waifish wraiths.

Condemned but inculpable
are those little figures —
long ago natives maybe — in an ironic,
insufficient sacrament:
this obscuring rain’s
parody of baptism.

If that faultless chorus
should never see heaven,
they will ever be wind without end
their lamentations ever
shrill within rare
arriving spring downpours.
Always will the squall
imprison their calls.

You and I should refrain
any temptation to breach
these palisades of rain —
lest we be greeted by each
iron-colored countenance:
the sorrowing slim nickel
of an infant’s visage,
little boys’ graying faces,
the silvering eyes of the girls.

© 2017 Eric Robert Nolan

[Note: I began writing this yesterday morning, which was, at a sensory level, just like the fictional morning described.  Southwest Virginia indeed has some unique weather, affected, as I’m told, by its sprawling mountain ranges.  (They circle the Roanoke metro area.)

The rain yesterday was abrupt and shrieking.  I posted on social media that I’d experienced “that eerie moment when the wind sounds strangely like the wailing of children.”  So hence the poem that I finished (?) tonight.  I think a lot of my friends will find it funny; they certainly were laughing at my poet’s melodrama yesterday.  One said it was a nice turn of phrase, too — and that it could be the start of a story.

I’ve never written what I’ve considered a “horror poem” before.  (“The Writer” in 2013 was never intended as such, anyway.)  But the genre is alive and well, at least in the small presses.  Horror poetry is frequently requested in the calls for submissions you can find on Facebook’s various “Open Calls” pages, anyway.  (And if you’re an indie writer, those pages are great to peruse anyway.)

I hope you enjoyed the piece.]


Photo credit: By Huhu Uet (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons.

Publication notice: Dead Snakes features “Three Dreamers”

I’m honored to share here that Dead Snakes published “Three Dreamers” today.  This is a set of three related poems that was first featured by Dagda Publishing, in the United Kingdom, in January 2013 — the poems’ individual titles are “The Writer,” “The Secretary,” and “The Bureaucrat.”  Dagda subsequently featured these poems in print format in its 2013 poetry anthology, “Threads.”  Finally, these poems were published in 2014 by Illumen, a quarterly print-only poetry journal here in the United States.

Editor Stephen Jarrell Williams also kindly informed me the he would feature the poems on another site for which he serves as editor — UFO Gigolo.  This online publication focuses on poetry in the genres of fantasy, horror, and science fiction.  I’m new to the site, but it looks like great fun, perhaps especially for the sci-fi and horror fans with whom I’ve become acquainted here at my blog.

You can find “Three Dreamers” at Dead Snakes right here:

“Three Dreamers,” by Eric Robert Nolan



Photo credit: By IDS.photos from Tiverton, UK (Dark corridor Uploaded by russavia) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons.