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Throwback Thursday: Quicksand!!!

Yep.  As the meme below (from Geek Club) suggests, 70’s and 80’s kids were led to believe that quicksand would be a far greater threat than it actually was.   The warnings I accepted as the direst were those from the swashbuckling jungle explorers that I admired.

See Issue #7 of “The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones” below, for example.  (It happened to Indy at least twice in this comic series.)  And Frank Buck found himself in a similar predicament in “Bring ‘Em Back Alive,” which I’ve mentioned previously here at the blog.)

I even asked my Dad pretty earnestly once about how I should escape quicksand if I ever fell into it.  (I fully planned on becoming an explorer when I grew up.)  Believe it or not, the smart son-of-a-gun actually had a decent answer for me.  I can only remember it vaguely, but I’m pretty sure you were supposed to tread water and try to float on the silty surface of it.  You were NOT supposed to step down into the bog-like mud beneath your feet — it was the suction there that would do you in.

Resourceful man, my father.