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Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, VA, June 2017 (3)

Pictured are the Amphitheater, Mason Hall, The Link, Randolph Hall, Russell Hall, Brent House and Marshall Hall.


The Amphitheater.  Sorry the first picture is so blurry.


Me, performing “Richard III.”  “NOW IS THE WINTER OF OUR DISCOVFEFE.”  I was the toast of Sunken Road.  The performance was brief; I only know two lines of “Richard III” — one, if I get stage fright.

Seriously, though, if you people haven’t checked out David Morrissey’s treatment of its famous monologue, then you don’t know what you’re missing.  You can find it on Youtube.


I have no idea who I am supposed to be saluting here.  My Alumbud taking the picture?  Any competent commanding officer would take one look at that gut of mine and then BUST ME RIGHT DOWN DOWN TO PRIVATE.




Mason Hall and Randolph Hall, with the above-ground “Link” between them — a new product of the campus-wide remodeling.  Previously, there was a line of dorm rooms unofficially known as “The Tunnel,” beneath a massive stone porch overlooking Fredericksburg.  That porch was a great place to read, and I’m sorry to see it gone.

20170606_192015 (1)



Another blurry picture — this one of Russell Hall.  The old steps have been upgraded.



Seen from Russell is … Brent Hall?  Is it weird if I have no memory of that building — and I lived right across the way over at Bushnell Hall?



The parking lots at the southeast corner of campus, behind Russell and Marshall Hall.  Running behind those is Sunken Road, where a few of my friends had off-campus housing.  There was a smallish apartment building (north of this spot) where various classmates of mine in the early 1990’s could be found residing or visiting … was it called Sunrise Apartments?




Marshall Hall.




Damian Lewis as Antony in “Julius Caesar”

This was one of the “Shakespeare Solos” series that The Guardian produced last year on the 400th Anniversary of his death.  It’s damn good.

The series also features David Morrissey and Ralph Fiennes doing monologues.


That time “The Governor” performed William Shakespeare’s “Richard III”

“Now is the winter of our discontent … RICK.”

“The Walking Dead’s” David Morrissey actually is a damn fine actor.

At any rate, here’s a brain twister for you — David Morrissey looks a lot like … Morrissey, from The Smiths.  Morrissey from The Smiths looks a lot like Quentin Tarantino.  Yet David Morrissey and Quentin Tarantino look nothing alike.

You figure it out.