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Catch up with “The Bees Are Dead.”

Be sure to stop over at The Bees Are Dead for some haunting and engaging dystopian poetry.

These include Alan Britt’s “Head First,” Malek Saleh Aweed’s “Agony’s Anthem,” and my own favorite among B.A.D.’s recently published poems, Strider Marcus Jones’ “The Mad Hatter Hiding in Dark Matter.”




Photo credit: By The original uploader was Kretz.biz at French Wikipedia – Transferred from fr.wikipedia to Commons by Bloody-libu using CommonsHelper., Attribution, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16075981

“What We Do,” by Stanley Anne Zane Latham (SAZL)

I’ve been very lucky to enjoy an online friendship with a wonderfully talented poet, Stanley Anne Zane Latham.

SAZL has just returned after traveling for nearly two years, and it sounds as though she’s been on quite a journey.  She’s brought back “a bundle of handwritten notes and scribbles and recordings” from which she derives poetic inspiration.

She surprised her friends (and fans) by posting a couple of new pieces; here is one that I really like in particular.  🙂

What We Do

She would never love you and you
would never put your arm around her again –
so you set off down the hill with your chain saw
and a bottle to cut wood.

It was crazy the positions and scenarios
you had to contrive.
You had to convince the thing to come at you –
hit yourself silly in the head with the bottle
and in the end the deed was done
by tying it to a tree with your jeans, shirt, and underwear,
then feeding your arm to it.

She would never love you, and you,
you would never lay a hand on her again.

you said how much this sucked
being one-armed and strolled down
1st Avenue to have a hand cupping your chin
tattooed across your face.

© sazl 2015


Publication Notice: Aphelion Webzine to feature “Iphigenia’s Womb.”

The good folks over at Aphelion Webzine informed me today that my poem, “Iphigenia’s Womb,” will appear soon in its upcoming June issue.

Thanks to Poetry and Filk Editor Iain Muir for another great opportunity to share my writing with fans of fantasy and mythology!

I’ll post a link when the piece appears.

“Lying Close,” by Eric Robert Nolan

Lying Close

Lying with her,
Lying close,
Lying while her past escapes in silver whispers.

Lying with her,
Lying close,
Lying while the unspoken
Is a rough coal in my own throat.

Her soft voice is as that
Of the single quail at dusk —
Easy and artless.

My silence fails to announce
The purposeful, leaning
Turn of the falcon’s arc.

Lying with her,
Lying close,
Lying by omission.

(c) Eric Robert Nolan 2013

First published by Dead Snakes, May 2013:



“Coturnix Novaezelandiae (New Zealand Quail),” Charles Joseph Hullmandel, “The Zoology of the Voyage of the H.M.S. Erebus & Terror,” 1844

“When I Meet The Devil,” by Eric Robert Nolan

When I Meet the Devil

When I meet the Devil
I’ll kill him.

Not for his endless treachery, richly expressed
In perfectly worded, erudite, platinum-bright aphorisms.

Not for the endless lies that spiral from his quick lips
Like fine red ethereal thread, spooling at our feet
Like bloodshot spider-web.

Not for the false
Compliments that slide off his baroque tongue
Like newly minted coins of fool’s gold.

When I meet the devil,
I’ll kill him
Because God made him.

(c) Eric Robert Nolan 2013

First published by Dead Snakes, May 2013:



Photo credit: “Der Heilige Michael,” Luca Giordano, 1663 (via Wikimedia Commons)

“November, Blue Ridge Mountains, 1992,” by Eric Robert Nolan

I wrote this short poem 23 years ago, as a junior at Mary Washington College.  It was first published by The International War Veterans’ Poetry Archives in July 2013:


November, Blue Ridge Mountains, 1992

November compelled us to visit the hills,
Where ignorant rock and lofty pine
Were witness to our disregard
For strangeness, temptation and time.

But memories are sticky things.
Will any mountain ever let
Me dream again? Can I now
Feel rain without regret?

(c) Eric Robert Nolan 1992


Photo credit: Dave in the Triad, via Wikimedia Commons, “Rough Ride Tunnel on the Blue Ridge Parkway,” October 2008

Publication Notice: Aphelion Webzine Features “The Minotaur”

I’m honored today that Aphelion Webzine has published my poem, “The Minotaur,” in its April issue.  Because this terrific publication of science fiction and fantasy is free, you can read it right here:


Aphelion is a great and creative source of free fiction, poetry and features for those who like to read or write about other worlds.  It’s pure fun.  Be sure to check it out.

Thank you, Aphelion Webzine!


A frightening future, skillfully envisioned — God help “The Pustoy.”

“The Pustoy” is a frightening and effective set of vignettes detailing the rise of a genocidal dictator in a dystopian future Britain.  When scientists ostensibly discover “the soul,” a scapegoated underclass, accused of being without souls, are executed on sight.  They are “The Pustoy” (Russian for “empty”), and their government sanctioned murder is painted cheerfully by the government as a needed national public service.

Philippe Blenkiron’s creation is an epic political poem with depth and detail, but it is still quite easy to read.  Fans of “1984”and “Brave New World” will doubtlessly find it a dark and satisfying bedtime story.

I think what surprised me the most is that this poetry collection will please fans of horror and thrillers as well.  Blenkiron has a terribly nice knack for rendering fearful images – be sure to take a close look at his various descriptions of the Staffhounds.  Yeesh.  If Blenkiron so masterfully creates such scary bad guys, it makes me wonder whether he might write horror stories.  I’d happily read them if he does.

He has a wonderfully unique voice.  And his ability to juggle of various points of view – each of which has a distinct, character- specific voice – is admirable.

This is a compelling set of poems.  Pick it up here at Amazon.com:



“A Guilt-Free Solution to the Economic Crisis.” (Dagda Publishing releases “The Pustoy” today!)

“A Guilt-Free Solution to the Economic Crisis.
“Feed the Soul, not the Soulless!
“Kill The Pustoy!”


Phillipe Blenkiron’s “The Pustoy,” the dystopian science fiction poetry collection released today by Dagda Publishing, sounds amazing.  I can’t wait to read it.

From Dagda Publsihing:  [Well, it’s here. The Pustoy has been released on Amazon for kindle and paperback. Follow the links below to purchase this highly original (and a little bit topical) collection of poetry by Philippe Blenkiron. We are very, very pleased to present this to you.



(Also find it on your local Amazon store)

Also, add it to your Goodreads shelf here, suggest it for group reads, share this status, and help us get the word out about this very, very special collection of poetry.