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The celebratory Big Mac.

So with a poem just published in Peeking Cat 40, that makes 10 anthologies where one of my poems or stories have appeared — plus two chapbooks on top of those.  (The first anthology would have been Dagda Publishing’s Threads eight years ago.)  When I received my copy of Peeking Cat 40 today, I promptly celebrated with MacDonald’s.  (We eat healthy at my house.)

The book is superb.  I’m thrilled to join so many talented writers from around the world in such an outstanding showcase of prose and poetry selected by Peeking Cat Literary over the past year.  Thanks once again to Editor Sam Rose!

Heyyyyyyyy, it’s Fake Friend Request Day on Facebook!!

Tip of the hat to the nonexistent pretty girls!!

Welcome to Facebook, which you just joined an hour ago!! And good luck at the new job, which … you apparently just started and hour ago … at MacDonald’s.

MacDonlad’s? That’s an interesting choice. Usually you ladies are all veterinarians and personal trainers and scuba instructors and such. Maybe you failed to prepare adequately in your fake school to prepare for your first choice of a fake job. Good luck with that.

I feel lucky, by the way, to be among the first six friends that you sought out on social media.  It’s a select group — just me and five other unmarried men whose immutably credulous and feckless expressions are apparent even in their profile pictures.

Do *I* have that expression?  (Probably.)




Throwback Thursday: the McDLT

Why on earth did MacDonald’s discontinue the McDLT?  Sure, it had a stupid gimmick.  And it seemed to have so much lettuce and tomato that I used to think of it as “the saladburger.”

But it was good.  Hey, it takes a lot to get a guy like me to order anything resembling a salad.

I have no idea why the commercial below features George Costanza singing and dancing like he’s in a Michael Jackson video.  The 80’s were a weird time.