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Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine features “hens staring upward”

I’m honored today to see my poetry featured for the first time in “Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine.”  The poem is a recent piece, entitled “hens staring upward,” and begins on Page 25 of Issue 8 (October 2015).

You can download Issue 8 in in pdf format for free!  Just click here:


Or, you can purchase the magazine in paperback format for just $3.50 right here:


Peeking Cat is an outstanding magazine in the United Kingdom, publishing poetry and flash fiction from writers throughout the world.  I’m grateful to Editor Samantha Rose for allowing me to share my voice with its readers.

“hens staring upward” first appeared this Fall in Dead Snakes.


Aphelion Webzine features “Iphigenia’s Womb.”

I’m quite happy to say that the good folks over at Aphelion Webzine today featured my poem, “Iphigenia’s Womb,” in their wonderful free online magazine for fantasy and science fiction fans. The poem can be found here:


“Iphigenia’s Womb” was first published over in Dead Snakes in January 2014.  I am grateful to Poetry and Filk Editor Iain Muir for allowing me to share it today in Aphelion, as it might now be enjoyed greater numbers of fans of Greek mythology.

The piece is an allegory to the death by burning of Iphigenia, daughter of Agamemnon.  He sacrificed her to the Gods to appease them after an offense, as the deities had sent strong winds to beach the Greek warships ready to set sail against Troy.  (Of course, the poem is also about other things.)

If the imagery of the burning girl bothers you, then consider this — there are various versions of the story.  In one, a giant bird appears from the heavens to dive down and rescue young Iphigenia clean away.  It’s the kind of deus ex machina we occasionally see from winged saviors in fantasy; think of both the eagles in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings,” as well as the wayward seagull in Richard Adams’ “Watership Down.”  (“WHERE’S YOUR WHITE BIRD, *NOW*, BIGWIG?!?!”)

Thanks again to Mr. Muir and the Aphelion community!  🙂


Publication Notice: Dead Snakes features “Girl On A Film Screen”

I’m honored to have another poem, “Girl On A Film Screen,” published over at Dead Snakes.

Dead Snakes remains a terrific place for newer authors to find an audience.  It is quite easy to submit, and Editor Stephen Jarrell Williams always seems to have an encouraging word for contributing writers.

Here is the poem:


Anthony Hopkins learns a poem a week.

I was telling a friend just the other day about this interview with Anthony Hopkins that I found online; I finally came across it again.  People who know me know I am the kind of fan who views Hopkins with the same adulation with which other sci-fi fans view Patrick Stewart.  (If anyone wants a more mainstream film to enjoy Hopkins at his best, check out 1997’s criminally underrated thriller, “The Edge,” with a screenplay by David Mamet.  There’s some intense man-vs.-nature violence, but it’s easier for non-horror fans to stomach than the canni-happy, lotion-loving “The Silence of the Lambs.”)

Hopkins says he tries to memorize a poem a week.  He mentions Shakespeare, Matthew Arnold, and William Butler Yeats.

I’d love to hear him recite “Dover Beach” and “An Irish Airman Foresees His Death.”

Here’s the interview:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP-Dw81oFJc&index=384&list=FLEjGv3WZw134CN_yJVg3_HgThe Edge

Publication Notice, International War Veterans’ Poetry Archives

Two poems of mine were featured yesterday by the International War Veterans’ Poetry Archives in Australia.

The first, “Syllables and Rocks,” is a darker love poem. The second, “With Apologies to William Blake,” is a tiny joke poem about drinking too much coffee, riffing on the opening lines of Blake’s “The Tyger.” Both pieces can be found at the IWVPA website here: http://iwvpa.net/nolaner/club.php