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The Drabble features my 100-word horror story, “There in the Bags!”

I am honored today to see my 100-word horror story, “There in the Bags,” published by The Drabble!

You can find it at the link below:

There in the Bags

“There in the Bags” was first published by Poems-for-All in 2017.



Poems-for-All releases four mini-books of my writing!

I’m honored today to see the Poems-for-All project publish four of its signature “miniature books” featuring my work – two with my flash fiction and two with my poetry. Poems-for-All is a unique and truly inventive California-based publisher that produces these mini-books and then distributes them for free in variety of public places. That way, they’re “scattered like seeds” and can reach and surprise new readers – and maybe even create new lovers of poetry. (They’re even shared in Scotland at the St. Andrews International Poetry Festival.) All four of the mini-books containing my writing feature beautiful artwork by publisher Robert Hansen. (I just love the covers!)

The first flash fiction mini-book features my 100-word horror story, “There in the Bags” (just in time for Halloween). The second features my responses to the popular online Six-Word Sci-Fi Story Challenge.

The first mini-book containing my poetry contains the first stanza of my most popular poem, “Confession.” (It works well as a standalone short poem.) The second contains my recent poem, “Consciousness Haiku.”

I remain tremendously grateful to Mr. Hansen for selecting my work for this fun and innovative project, and for producing such terrific artwork to accompany my writing.
For more information on Poems-for-All, please see the project’s website here:








Today is shaping up to be a great day!

First, a particularly kind Twitter user in Argentina informed me that she translated one of my flash-fiction stories into Spanish.  The title of the story is “I Bring Her Diamonds.  My Hands Are Full of Them.”  It originally appeared as a 100-word horror story in Microfiction Monday Magazine, and you can read it here.

Then, the talented Robert Hansen shared with me his printing proofs for some of the flash fiction he accepted for the Poems-for-All Project.  Poems-for-All crafts matchbook-sized miniature books for poetry and flash fiction, which can be easily distributed to family and friends, or just “scattered like seeds” in true guerrilla poetry fashion.  The flash fiction that Mr. Hansen selected include another 100-word horror story, “There in the Bags,” as well as my response to the online “Six-Word Science Story Challenge.”

The artwork that Mr. Hansen is downright terrific, and I can’t wait to share it with you after the miniature books are completed.  For more information about Poems-for-All and Mr. Hansen’s unique publishing project, please visit his website here.





“There In The Bags,” by Eric Robert Nolan

Happy Halloween, everybody!!  Here’s a little something for your trick-or-treat bag — a little horror flash fiction entitled “There In The Bags.”

This was one of my entries into Microfiction Monday Magazine’s 100-Word Horror Story Challenge.  It was rejected by the publisher, while two other of my submissions were selected.  I still have a soft spot in my heart for this one, though, because it’s just a brainless little gory ghost story.

Enjoy.  🙂


“There in the Bags.”

Us little people dump the bags in the hospital basement – not them six-figure docs.

The trick is not thinkin’ about what’s in ‘em.  It’s tough.  I mean … they’re bright red, and the big black letters say “MEDICAL WASTE.”

My co-worker Barry’s a jerk.  Keeps laughing and reminding me what’s in there – placentas, blood, gangrened burn tissue … maybe even a severed arm.  Barry jokes that maybe a departed soul from a dead man will get lost and wind up there in the bags.  Try to come back.

I want Barry here, now.  God, I do.

One bag just moved.