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“Confession” featured on the Dead Letter Radio podcast

I’m truly honored today to hear my poem “Confession” read by host Taize Jones on the Dead Letter Radio podcast!  Taize did a pitch perfect job interpreting the piece, as he has with my poems that he selected in the past.  You can listen to the episode right here; the poem begins at the 9:05 mark.

Dead Letter Radio is one of the coolest things I’ve found on the net in a long time; I highly recommend that you check it out.  It’s also available on SpotifyApple Podcasts and over at Listen Notes.

Thanks once again, Taize!

My poem “Confession” was featured by The Piker Press today.

I’m honored to share here today that my poem “Confession” was featured by The Piker Press!  You can find it at the link below:

“Confession,” by Eric Robert Nolan

Thank you, Editor Sand Pilarski, for allowing me to share my voice among so many talented contributors.  I am grateful for the opportunity.




Eric Robert Nolan to be featured by the Piker Press

I’m honored to share here today that the Piker Press will feature five submissions of my writing in the coming months.

Editor Sand Pilarski has informed me that my horror/science fiction story, “Shine Now, Fiercely, Forever,” will appear at the weekly online literary magazine on December 10th.  This story was originally published in January 2017 by The Bees Are Dead.

Four poems of mine will also be featured between January and May of 2019: “Confession,” “This Windy Morning,” “Roanoke Summer Midnight” and “My Mother’s Apartment.”  These poems appeared over the last several years in the pages of Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine.

The Piker Press is a journal for arts, sciences, fiction and non-fiction that its creators like to think of it as “the illegitimate, online child of Analog and National Geographic, but funnier.”  It’s a great online periodical featuring fun and thought-provoking material from a range of voices.  You can find it right here at http://www.pikerpress.com/.




Poems-for-All releases four mini-books of my writing!

I’m honored today to see the Poems-for-All project publish four of its signature “miniature books” featuring my work – two with my flash fiction and two with my poetry. Poems-for-All is a unique and truly inventive California-based publisher that produces these mini-books and then distributes them for free in variety of public places. That way, they’re “scattered like seeds” and can reach and surprise new readers – and maybe even create new lovers of poetry. (They’re even shared in Scotland at the St. Andrews International Poetry Festival.) All four of the mini-books containing my writing feature beautiful artwork by publisher Robert Hansen. (I just love the covers!)

The first flash fiction mini-book features my 100-word horror story, “There in the Bags” (just in time for Halloween). The second features my responses to the popular online Six-Word Sci-Fi Story Challenge.

The first mini-book containing my poetry contains the first stanza of my most popular poem, “Confession.” (It works well as a standalone short poem.) The second contains my recent poem, “Consciousness Haiku.”

I remain tremendously grateful to Mr. Hansen for selecting my work for this fun and innovative project, and for producing such terrific artwork to accompany my writing.
For more information on Poems-for-All, please see the project’s website here:








Publication notice: Eric Robert Nolan to be featured via the “Poems-For-All” project.

I’m honored today to share some terrific news — four samples of my writing will be featured via Richard Hansen’s unique “Poems-For-All” project in California.  As the video below shows, Mr. Hansen produces miniature “books” of poetry that are about the size of business cards.  They can then be distributed randomly.

Here’s the description on the Facebook page for Poems-For-All: “They’re scattered around town — on buses, trains, cabs, in restrooms, bars, left along with the tip; stuffed into a stranger’s back pocket. Whatever. Wherever. Small poems in small booklets half the size of a business card. To be taken by the handful and scattered like seeds by those who want to see poetry grow in a barren cultural landscape.”

The poems selected were “Consciousness Haiku” and the first stanza of “Confession.”  (Mr. Hansen suggested it worked fine as a standalone poem.)  “Confession” first appeared at Dead Beats Literary Blog in 2013, and was then featured last year by Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine.

In addition, Mr. Hansen selected my 100-word horror story, “There in the Bags,” as well as my entries for the popular online Six-Word-Sci-Fi Story Challenge.  (He also publishes micro-fiction in the “little book” format.)

This is such a cool, unique project, and I’m grateful to be able to participate.

For more information on Poems-For-All, check out the video below.  Or you can visit the blog for the project here: https://poems-for-all.com/.


Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine features “Confession”

I’m honored today to see “Confession,” easily my most popular poem to date, featured in Issue 10 of Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine.  As in the past, I am grateful to Editor Samantha Rose for allowing me to share my work alongside that of so many talented writers.

Issue 10 can be purchased in paperback format for just $3.41 right here:

Issue 10 in paperback

Issue 10 can also be downloaded in PDF format for free!  Just click here:

Issue 10 for free in PDF format




Me and my sexy, sexy, sexy poetry!

Hey, Girl.

It turns out one of my poems, “Confession,” was so damn hot that it was featured by the “Amorous People” Facebook page.  For those of you unfamiliar with the steamier side of the Internet (yeah, right), there are indeed Facebook pages dedicated to erotica.

“Amorous People” is one of them — an “18+ Community” that primarily features photos of people 20 years my junior enjoying themselves far more than I am as I’m typing this right now:

The Amorous People Facebook Page

Yeah, it’s amorous.  If Barry White’s subconscious had a Facebook page, I’m pretty sure this would be it.

I’m also pretty sure the site originates in Eastern Europe.  I’m seeing what looks like Cyrillic script on some memes, and the community rules somewhat befuddlingly instruct newcomers to “offend then leave.”

I … I guess this discovery is flattering, in a weird sort of way.  “Amorous People” actually only featured a portion of “Confession,” which was published by Dead Beats Literary Blog in October 2013.  It was the sexual imagery in the poem’s opening.  They also ran the portion without attribution, or acknowledging Dead Beats.  I politely informed them that I was the author, and included a link to where it first appeared, but they haven’t responded.  Maybe they’re … busy doing other things.  [Wackicha wackicha.]

Anyway, “Confession” is easily the most popular poem I’ve ever written.  It got a record number of “likes” and shares when it appeared at Dead Beats two years ago.  If you are feeling curious (or “Amorous,” even) you can read the poem in its entirety where it was originally published.  The link is the first one at the top of my “Poetry” section here at the site:


And hey — if anybody out there is inspired to get their smooch on because of something I wrote, then that’s just awesome.  Here’s to you, ya crazy kids!!



“Confession,” by Eric Robert Nolan

Celebrate National Poetry Month — here is a link to my most popular poem to date, “Confession,” which was published in Dead Beats Literary Blog in October 2013.  So many readers liked this one.  Just last night I was chatting with a friend in Las Vegas who is a voice actor — he told me that he is actually making a recording of the poem, and will share his own reading of it when he’s created a recording that he’s happy with.  

I was initially surprised at the positive reader feedback for “Confession.”  The first people I’d shown it to after writing it disliked it; the first publisher to which I’d submitted it emphatically rejected it.  Its critical message and sexual imagery are not for everyone.

I remain grateful to Dead Beats for sharing it, and to their readers for letting me know that this piece indeed has a receptive audience.  (Dead Beats is such a terrific publisher for edgier or darker poetry.)  And thanks, of course, to the generous readers who occasionally drop me a note to let me know they liked the poem.